Clear & Tinted Glass

Our standard glazing options in this group are 6.38 mm clear laminate and 5 mm clear toughened glass. In many situations these glasses will meet all your requirements for clarity and safety and at a very affordable price. The 6.38 mm white translucent laminated glass is also very popular these days as it also provides a high degree of privacy while allowing a high level of diffuse light transmittance. All these products comply with the relevant Australian safety glass standards. Our multi paned French doors are also available with a 5 mm clear bevelled glass.

If you have a requirement for higher levels of energy efficiency or if you have a noise problem you could consider installing insulated glass units in your doors (available in our HAWTHORN, SORRENTO and WAKEFIELD ranges).

A number of other coloured float and specialised laminated glasses are also available on request. Please discuss any special requirements with your retailer or give us a call.